INNOVATION in Operation

The management team of eLanes brings together strong players in restaurant operations, restaurant technology, and consumer marketing. While delivering on Dave Thomas' commitment to provide excellent value to our customers, our goal is to create an entirely new level of customer experience.

The fundamental truth is that great customer experiences start by creating great experiences for our people. So, we use innovative technologies to simplify, accelerate and inform the process. The result is a more enjoyable outcome for everyone involved - both the customer and our team members. As Dave would say…a "square deal" for everyone.

Come enjoy the great Wendy's menu in a place where quality means quality and fast means fast!



Contact Us

eLanes Texas Holdings
400 S. Zang Blvd.
Suite 1025
Dallas, TX 75208
tel 214-946-8400
eLanes New Hampshire Holdings
53 Stiles Road
Suite A103
Salem, NH 03079
tel 603-894-1222
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